The Imperial line : several times descent found among the female ancestresses tracing it to Marcomir I as well as Conrad II Of Poland. The Green line descended from Dogabert I ancestor of Marcomir.


Creator Of Website: Mark Alan Green

Imperial Descent

Imperial Descent

1. Adam (B.C. 4000-3070), Eve.
2. Seth (B.C. 3870-2978).
3. Enos (B.C.
4. Cainan (B.C. 3675-2765).
5. Mahalaleel (B.C.
6. Jared (B.C. 3540-2578).
7. Enoch (B.C. 3378-3013).
Methuselah (B.C. 3313-2344).
9. Lamech (B.C. 3126-2344).
10. Noah (B.C.
2944-2006), Naamah,
11. Shem (B.C. 2442-2158).
12. Arphaxad (B.C.
13. Salah (B.C. 2307-2126).
14. Heber (B.C. 2277-2187).
Peleg (B.C. 2243-2004).
16. Reu (B.C. 2213-2026).
17. Serug (B.C.
18. Nahor (B.C. 2052-2003).
19. Terah (B.C. 2122-2083),
20. Abraham (B.C. 1992-1817), Sarah.
21. Isaac (R.C. 1896-1716),
22. Jacob (B.C. 1837-1690), Leah.

Judah & Tamar~> Zerah m. Electra Roma and had three kids named Zimri, Etahn, Heman, Calcol, and Darda. Darda is the line the green family descend from. Darda married Princess Batea of Teucri. Batea was the daughter of King teucri of the trojans. Darda died in 14 B.C. They had a son named Erichtonius and became king of Dardania. He married Estyoche of acadia. She was the daughter of Simoeis. They had a son named Tros who was born in the year 1344 B.C. He died in the year 1281 B.C.Tros was a king of Troy. He married Callirhoe of the trojans, daughter of Scamandrus. They had a son named Illus. Illus was born in 1315 B.C. He was king of Troy. He married Eurydice Of Troy. They had Laemedon and Illus died in 1279 B.C. Eurydice died in 1281 B.C. Laemedon was born in the year 1285 B.C. marrying Strymo Of Placia. They gave birth to King Priam Of Troy and Tithonus. Laemedon died in the year 1235 B.C. Priam married Hecuba who was a daughter of King Dymas of Phrygia. They gave birth to Helenus. Priam died in 1183 B.C. Helenus was king of Epirus marrying Hecuba Andromache daughter of king Aetion. Hecuba was born in 1260 B.C. They gave birth to Zenter. He had a son named francus and died after 1149 B.C. Francus had a son named Esdron. Esdron had a son named Zelius. Zelius had a son named Basebalian I. Basebalian I had a son named Plaserius I. Plaserius I had a son named Plasron. Plasron had a son named Eliacor born in the year 1085 B.C. Eliacor had a son named Zaberian born 1055 B.C. Zaberian had a son named Plaserius II born in 1025 B.C. His son was Antenor I King Of Troy. He was born in 995 B.C. and he had a son named Priam II who was born in 965 B.C. Priam II had a son named Helenus II who was born in 935 B.C and he had a son named Plesron II. Plesron II had a son named Basebalian II born in 875 B.C. His son was Alexandre. Aledandre had a son named Priam III who was born in 815 B.C. Priam III had a son named Gentlanor who was born in 785 B.C. Gentlanor's son was Almadius who was born in 755 B.C. He was king of the Cimmerians. The cimmerians of Scythia lived along the shores of the black sea and asia minor. Almadius had a son named Dilulius I who was born in 725 B.C. Dilulius I had a son named Helenus III who was born in 695 B.C. Dilulius II b. 635 B.C. Son was Marcomir. Marcomir b. 605 B.c. Son was Priam. Priam b. 585 b.c. Son was Helenus IV. Helenus IV b. 555b.c. Son was Antenor II.Antenor II b. 526 B.c. Attained title of prince of Ephraim and became king of cimmerians. Antenor II died in 443 b.c. His throne went to son Marcomir I who led his cimmerian clans men from the region of the Black Sea to the region now ecompassed by Holland, Gelders and West-Friezland.They would eventually cross the rhine river and conquer the peoples then inhabiting northern Gaul. Marcomir died in 412 b.c. Marcomir had a son Antenor III.

Antenor III, son of marcomir I, married a woman named cambra, and they gave birth to a son priamus. It was from cambras name that the name of the Sicambri tribe was derived.Antenor died in 385 B.C.
Priamus, son of Antenor III and Cambra, King Of the Sicambri, is noted for having established the new convenant, the new mage, to the people of northern Europe and Gaul. It was to Priamus that development of the saxon language is attributed. Priamus died in 358 B.C. His son was Helenus.
Helenus, son of Priamus, King of the Sicambri, served as a priest of the arcadian sea-god, Pallas. He had a son Diocles. Helenus died a little later than 300 B.C.(research death)
Diocles son of Helenus, King of the Sicambri, joined with the saxon tribes in their fight against the gauls and others in southern Gaul. His son was Bassanus magnus. He died in 300 B.C.
Bassanus Magnus, son of Diocles, King Of the Sicambri, was considered a priest-king. He married a Norwegian princess and sired a son, Clodomir. Bassanus magnus is noted for having founded the city of Bassanburg in Gaul( now known as Aix la chapelle). He died in 250 B.C.
Clodomir I, son of Bassanus Magnus, King Of the Sicambri, formed an alliance with the Saxons and Thuringians against the Gauls. He died in 232 B.C.It is believed that Clodomir I was married to Sedanus his sister. His son was Nicanor.
Nicanor II, son of Clodomir I, King of the Sicambri, married the daughter of Elidure, A Briton chief. They gave birth to Marcomir II. Nicanor died in 196 B.C.
Marcomir II, son of Nicanor, King of the Sicambri, succeeded in defeating the romans, gauls and goths. It is said that it was Marcomir who set the tale, The Acts Of The Gauls to rhyme. Marcomir II died in 170 B.C. His son was Clodius.
Clodius I, son of Marcomir II, King Of The Sicambri, had a son Antenor. During his life the romans and gauls continued their invasions against the sicambrians. Clodius I died in the year 159 B.C.
Antenor IV, son of Claudius, King Of The Sicambri, is noted for having concluded a treaty of peace with the Gauls.he died in 143 B.C. his son was Clodomir II.
Clodomir II, son of Antenor, King of the Sicambri, had to once more fight the gauls who broke the treaty they had made with his father Antenor. Clodomir died in 123 B.C. His son was Merovachus.

Merovachus, son of Clodomir II, King Of the Sicambri, led an army of some 22,000 warriors against the roman towns in Italy. His victories included the overthrow of the Bohemians. Merovachus died in 95 B.C.He had a son named Cassander.

Cassander, son of Merovachus, King Of the Sicambri, entered into military alliances with King Hamecus of Thuringia and King Arabius of Saxony. He lived until the year 74 B.C.His son was Antharius.

Antharius, son of Cassander, King Of Sicambri, was harassed by the armies of Julius caesor.He died in 39 B.C. Had a son Francus.

Francus ( variously spelt, Francio), son of Antharius, King Of the Sicambri, issued an edict during his reign changing the name of the tribe from Sicambri to Franci.The tribe would eventually be known as the franks. Francus would be known by title as King Of the Franks. Continuing the alliances of his predecessors, Francus assembled an army nearly 300, 000 strong, composed of franks, Saxons and Thuringians. He attacked the romans and successfully withstood their advances. He also established diplomatic relations with the german princes, and entered into a perpetual league with them. Francus died in 11 B.C. His son was Clodius.

Clodius II(variously spelt, Clogio), son of Francus, King Of The Franks, died in the year 20 A.D.His son was Marcomir III.

Marcomir III, son of Claudius II, King Of The Franks, died in 50 A.D. His son was Clodomir.

Clodomir, son of Marcomir III, King Of The Franks, drove Nero’s roman legions out of the regions of Metz and Trier. He died in the year 63. His son was Antenor.
Antenor, son of Clodomir, King Of The Franks died in 69. His son was Ratherius.

Ratherius,son of Antenor, King Of The franks, ratified a league with the germans and saxons. He established the city of Rotterdam. Ratherius died in the year 90. His son was Richemer.

Richemer,(variously spelt, Richemel), son of Ratherius, King Of The Franks, found the city of brandenburg. His reign saw continued warfare with the romans and goths. He died in 114. Richemer married Ascyla. Had a son named Odomar.

Odomar, son of Richemer, King Of The Franks, obtained a peace treaty with the romans and goths. He died in the year 128. His son was Marcomir IV.

Marcomir IV, son of Odomar, King Of The Franks, married Athildas Of Camulod. She was born in the year 90, a sister of the Briton King Lleiffer Mawr. Marcomir founded the city of Marpurg in the region of Hesse. Marcomir died in 149; Athildas died in 129. Marcomir and Athildas gave birth to Clodomir.

Clodomir IV, son of Marcomir IV, King Of The Franks, and Athildas, married Basilda. She was the daughter of the king Of Rugij. Scholars call her hafilda. Clodomir died in 166. His son was Farabert.

Farabert, son of Clodomir, King Of The Franks, and Basilda, renewed the league that had been established with the germans by his ancestors. He died in 186. His son was Sunno.

Sunno(variously spelt, Sanno), son of farabert, King Of the Franks, had to contend with rekindled war with the Romans and the goths following the breaking of the treaty made by his great-great-grandfather, Odomar. Sunno, died in the year 213. His son was Hilderic.

Hilderic, Son Of Sunno,King Of The Franks, built the Hildeburg Castle on the Rhine River.He died in 253. His son was Bartherus.

Bartherus(variously spelt, Bertherus), son of Hilderic, King Of The Franks, took offensive measures against the Romans, leading his army into Italy, as far as Ravena. It is noted he razed Aragon. He died in the year272. His son was Clodius III.
Clodius III, son of Bartherus, King Of The Franks, established the city of Orleans in 275 A.D.Clodius in 298. Had a son named Walter.
Walter, son of Clodius III, King Of The Franks, died in 306. Son was DagobertI.
Dogobert I, son of Walter, King of The Franks, died 317. Sons: Clodius IV, Clodomir V, and Genebaud. Clodius King Of The franks died in 319.
Genebaud, son of Dagobert I King of the franks, died in 358. As duke of the East franks. Leaving descendants through his son Dagobert. Dagobert died in 379; his son was Clodius, who died in 389; his son was Marcomir; who died in 404; his son was Pharamond who became King of the franks marrying Argotta, daughter of Genebaud, the great x 3 grandson of Clodomir V, King of the west franks.
Fredemundus, son of Pharamond and Argotta, had two sons Nascien I and saracint.
Nascien I, son of Fredemundus, prince of septimanian midi, his son was Celedoin.
Celedoin, father of Nascien II.
Nascien II of Septimania b. 465
Galains b. 490 , Prince Of The Midi.
Jonaans b. 515 had a son named Lancelot.
Lancelot b. 540 had a son named Bors.
Bors, born. 570 m. Vivianne del acqs, she was born in the year 574, daughter of Taliesan the “Great Bard” & Vivianne amlawd (d’avallon del acqs). Taliesan b. 544 & Vivianne b. 549, children: Morgause d’acqs, Ygerna d’acqs, and Bors. After Bors death Vivianne m. Ban Le Banoic De Bretagne and had a child names Lancelot Del’acqs. This Lancelot married Elaine De Corbenic producing a son named Galahad and the House Of Avallon.
Bors, born. 600 m. Vivianne
Gaul-Neustria de Esposyni Lionel born. 630
Alain Fitz de Lionel or Alan Fitz Flaald (bastard child of Lionel) or also known as b. 660 death. Unknown in Dol De Bretagne, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France and Margaret Filia Rex Delumley
Froamidus, Count Of Brittany born 690 died 762

NOMINOE Roi De Bretagne(1st King Of Brittany; born. 826 d. mar.07/851 in Vendome, Loire-et-Cher, Orleanais, France) m. Queen Argantael(1st Queen Of Brittany) daughter of Barlic Princess Of Domnonee born about 752 A.D. and Judon King Of Domnonee or Morvan De Leon born between 775 A.D. - 792 A.D. died between 818 A.D. - 819 A.D.

This Line is finished. Green(e) family trees will become available for sale soon!

feminine zero

Conan I of Rennes(Line of his wife Ermengarde De Anjou:

Ingelger (or Ingelgarius) (died 888) was a Frankish nobleman, who was the founder of the County of Anjou and of the original House of Anjou

Fulk I of Anjou (870 – 942), called 'the Red' (Latin: Rufus) (French: Le Roux), held the county of Anjou first as Viscount then Count until his death.

Fulk II of Anjou (c.905—960), called le Bon (the good) was count of Anjou from 941 to his death.[a]

Geoffrey I of Anjou (c.938/940 – July 21, 987), known as Grisegonelle ("Greymantle"), was count of Anjou from 960 to 987.[a]

Ermengarde-Gerberga of Anjou, also called Ermengarde of Anjou(c.956 - c.1024),[a] was the Countess of Rennes, Regent of Brittany (992-994) and also Countess of Angoulême.

Ermengarde's mother Adele Of Meaux's line:

Herbert I of Vermandois (c. 848/850 – 907), Count of Soissons, Count of Meaux, Count of Vermandois, and lay abbot of Saint Quentin. He was a Carolingian aristocrat who played a significant role in Francia.

Herbert II (d. 23 Feb 943), Count of Vermandois and Count of Meaux. He was the first to exercise power over the territory that became the province of Champagne.

Robert of Vermandois (c.907 – c.967/8) was Count of Meaux, succeeding his father, Heribert II, Comte de Vermandois and his wife, Adele (Liégarde) of France.

Adele of Meaux (c.950–c.974), (a.k.a. "Adele of Vermandois") was a French noblewoman. She was Countess of Chalon and later Countess of Anjou.
Adele was a daughter of Robert of Vermandois, Count of Meaux and Troyes, and Adelaide de Chalon.[1] Adele died in 974.

feminine 0

Judicael II( Juhel) line of his wife Gerberge Of Lorraine:

Bruno von Sachen I
726 - 775

Bruno von Sachen II
756 - 813

Bruno von Sachen III
800 - 843

Ludolf Ludwig von Sachsen
816 - 6 Sep 864

Otto the Illustrious von Sachsen of Saxony
0851 - 30 Nov 0912

Heinrich Henry the Fowler of the Germans
876 - 2 Jul 0936

Gerberge de Bretagne von Sachsen of France
913 - 5 May 0984


Gerberge's mother's line:

Wecta of Asgard

Wecta Wegd�g of Kent

ABT 0350 - ?

Witta ?



? - 488


? - 0480

Hattwigate Hutugast




Sigismund Sigehard


Warnechin Werner of Engern

720 - ?

Wittikind Widukind von Sachsen

746 - 7 JAN 809


780 - Abt 842


800 - 886

Reginhart Baron von Ringleheim

828 - ?

Ludolf Ludwig von Sachsen 45->
816 - 6 Sep 864

Otto the Illustrious von Sachsen of Saxony

0851 - 30 Nov 0912

Heinrich Henry the Fowler of the Germans

876 - 2 Jul 0936

Gerberge de Bretagne von Sachsen of France

913 - 5 May 0984


Gerberge de Bretagne's great great mother's paternal line:


730 - 779

Unroch III

780 - 839

Eberhard ?

? - 16 DEC 862

Hedwige Oda von Sachen

810 - ?
Hedwige Oda Von sachen's mother's paternal line:


Abt 375 -

the Perfect

Abt 420 - Aft 453

Tonantius Ferrelous

Abt 475 - Aft 511

Ansbertus Ferreolus Schelde

493 - 532

Arnulf des Francs Ripuairies

13 Aug 582 - 18 Jul 641

the Hammer Martel

23 Aug 688 - 22 Oct 741

Carloman France of Franks

713 - 4 Dec 0755

Begue Bego of Paris

760 - 23 APR 816

? - 853

Eberhard ?

? - 16 DEC 862

Hedwige Oda von Sachen

810 - ?

Gerberge de Bretagne's great great mother's maternal line:

Clovis the Riparian Cologne

ABT 0375 - AFT 0420

Childebert I Cologne

ABT 0400 - AFT 23 NOV 0450

Cloderic I the Parricide Cologne

ABT 0475 - 0509

Munderic Vitrey

ABT 0505 - ABT 0575

Gondolfus Tongres

ABT 0545 - AFT 0599

Bodegeisel II Aquitaine

ABT 0565 - ABT 0610

Arnoul Metz

13 AUG 0582 - 16 AUG 0640/0641

Ansigisen Austrasia

0602 - 0685

Paepin Austrasia

ABT 0635 - 16 DEC 0714

Charles Martel of Austrasia

0676 - 15 Oct 0741

Charlemagne the Great of the Holy Roman Empire

2 Apr 0742 - 28 Jan 0814

Hedwige Oda von Sachen

810 - ?


Hedwige Oda von Sachen's grandmother's paternal line:


Abt 0560 - AFT 0590


Abt 0590 - 0658

Lendisius Steward

Abt 0620 - ?

Eticho I of Alsace

Abt 0643 - 0690

Eticho I of Alsace

Abt 0643 - 0690

Adalbert de Alsace

ABT 0675 - 0722

Eberhard Alsace

ABT 0697 - ?

Guelph I Welf von Altdorf of Bavaria

0776 - 0819

Hedwige Oda von Sachen

810 - ?

Divine Feminine 1

Descent of Hawise De Fergant wife of Geoffrey De La Zouche :

note: refer to line of Constance Le Gros wife of Alan de La Zouche for continuation of this ancestry.....

Ulfret Alesrudon de Cornouile born about 870 died 952

Diles Heiguer Ehebre de Cornouile born about 890 died unknown

Budig Berhuc de Cornouile born about 910 died unknown

Budig Castellin de Cornouile born about 940 died 1031

Benedict de Cornouile born 957 died unknown

Alain Canhiart de Cornouile born 975 died 1058

Hoel V of Cornouaille born about 1025 died April.13/1084

Alain Le Roux of Bretagne born 1059 died oct. 13/1119

Hawise De Fergant married Geoffrey De La Zouche


The Divine Feminine

Descent Of Constance Le Gros wife of Alan La Zouche, Earl of Brittany b. 1093


Deroch I born 400

Riothamus "means greatest-king" born 435

Riwal II(Riwal Mawr Marchou, King of Domnonee born about 450 Domnonee, Bretagne, France; s/o parents uknown died about 520

Deroch, King of Domnonee born about 475 Domnonee, Bretagne, France; s/o Riwal II, King of Domnonee died 530

Jonas, King of Domnonee born about 500 Domnonee, Bretagne, France; s/o Deroch, King of Domnonee died about 540

Judual, King of Domnonee born about 530 Domnonee, Bretagne, france; s/o Jonas, King of Domnonee died about 565/585

Judhael, King of Domonee born about 560 Domnonee, Bretagne, France; s/o Judual, King of Domnonee died about 607

Judicael(St.), King of Domnonee born about 600 Domnonee, Bretagne, France; s/o Judhael, King of Domnonee and Prizal died about 658/685

Urbien Cornquaille[de Cornouaille] born about 645 Cornouaille, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France; s/o Judicael Domnonee and Moronoe

Urbon "Congar"[Congat], Count of Cornquaille born about 685 Cornouaille, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France; s/o Urbien Cornquaille

Judon Cornquaille(Cornouaille), born about 720 Cornouaille, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France; s/o Urbon [Congat] de Cornouaille

Constantin, Count of Cornouaille, born about 755 Cornouaille, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France; s/o Judon de Cornouaille married Berilie de Brittany

Justin of Cornquaille(Cornouaille), born about 792 Cornouaille, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France; s/o Constanin de Cornouaille and Berilie de Brittany

Alfrond of Cornquaille, born about 803 Cornouaille, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France

Ulfret, Count of Cornquaille(Alesrudon), born about 860 Cornouaille, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France; Alfrond of Cornquaille died 952

Diles, Count of Cornquaille(Hierquer Cornuaille), born about 890 Cornouaille, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France married Alava de Cornouaille Born about 895 Cornouaille, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France

Budic I of Cornouaille

Budic II of Cornouaille

Benedict of Cornouaille married Guinodeon of Porhoet

Alain Cogniart, Count Of Cornouaille married Judith of nantes

Hoel II married Hawise

Alan IV, Lord Fergant married Hemengarde of Anjou

Conan, Lord Le Gros, Earl of Richmond married Maud of Normandy

Constance Le Gros born about 1118 married Alan La Zouche, Earl of Brittany born 1093

Green family trees will soon be available for purchase. When you purchase the tree you will be able to add these two lines to the tree!!!!





Branches Of House Of Rennes


La Zouche, Plantagenet & England crests

La Zouche, Plantagenet & England crests

BRANCH OF LA ZOUCHE(BRANCH IS STILL ACTIVE- hidden behind many family names )

SOLE REMAINING BRANCHES OF LA ZOUCHE IS The Green(e) families, Stewart Societies and The House Of Windsor relatives.

Clan Honeen

Clan Honeen

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Expansion Of Network: seeking more viewers, supporters and members

If you are interested in joining this sept's order here is the order's website link; part of the initiatory process is finding the starlight coven's Facebook group which is linked. The information on the webpages in the link below is the fundamental basis for the order, community and associated.

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Modern practice of ancient canaanite tradition of the Green family

The sole proprietor's Great grand father's name was Gideon Green of the Loyalist colonies in Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. Mark Alan Green is a direct descendant of the leading families of the canaanites through direct descent of the freemasons. He is a descendant of the modern era's Jerrubaal or Let Baal Contend. Here is a reference:->The religion of the Canaanite agriculturalists proved to be a strong attraction to the less sophisticated and nomadic-oriented Israelite tribes. Many Israelites succumbed to the allurements of the fertility-laden rituals and practices of the Canaanite religion, partly because it was new and different from the Yahwistic religion and, possibly, because of a tendency of a rigorous faith and ethic to weaken under the influence of sexual attractions. As the Canaanites and the Israelites began to live in closer contact with each other, the faith of Israel tended to absorb some of the concepts and practices of the Canaanite religion. Some Israelites began to name their children after the Baalim; even one of the judges, Gideon, was also known by the name Jerubbaal ("Let Baal Contend").

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The Green Mountain

The bloodline link between myself and all other leading royal families and noble families is a green mountain because of the direct connection to create a large family to enlarge the eye of the pyramid of Horus. This is purely based on the natural geographical location of the green mountains and the kin's names involved in this conclusion. My ancestor John Short was born in the first settlement established in Virginia called Jamestown. The Green mountains of Vermont are in a chain of mountains connected to mountains in Quebec called the Sutton Mountains. My Great Great Grand mother was Barbara Sutton. When you have a noble status so low you will connect yourself to any family through intermarriage to be protected and to gain a little stature because compared to what the poorest of souls receive you are a god-king compared to them. You have harnessed the divine feminine or married royal blood and passed those genes to carry on the tradition of being a watcher. Hence Green Mountain because the Sutton Family(every member and anyone related and/or tracing to the sutton line) are direct cousins with the House Of Windsor because my Great Grand father was Thomas Amos Keeper of the royal meuse. regards, Mark Alan Green

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS In the coming new year serious endeavours will be planned. As the sole proprietor I'm going to get a dna blood test to back my claims and proceed in planning and preparations to serve the public. regards, Mark Alan Green Sole Proprietor

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New ancestors of Mark Alan Green discovered

These next ancestors are descending from the de warrene line of Suzanne de warrene who the fitsroys descend from through the sutton line of my Great Great Grand mother Barbara Sutton. Through her I descend from John Sutton, Baron Dudley who married Elizabeth Berkeley about 1420. Elizabeth Berkeley descends from this line through her father John Berkeley. John's parents were Thomas Berkeley born in 1245, died 1301 and he marriedJoan De Ferrers, daughter of William de Ferrers and Sibyl Marshall. Thomas's father Maurice de Berkeley married Isabel Fitzroy who directly descends from John King Of England and Suzanne De warrene through her father Richard Fitzroy who's mother was Suzanne De Warrene. Richard married Rohesia De Dover, daughter of Robert De Dover and Isabel De Briwere. This is the line of Suzanne De Warrene his mother.->Earls of Surrey who are cousins with Magnus ducal leading line of France, Counts Of Burgundy, Counts of Flanders (which I can trace to already in my green line through another wife), Ducal line of Luxembourg, Counts Of Alsatian, Here we see another coincidence I can trace to Rainer I Duke Of Lorraine, Lothair I Of Germany, Charles II The Bald Holy Roman Emperor, Bego II Count Of paris, Louis The Pious of Aquitaine, Charlemagne, Luifrid II Count Of Upper Alsace, Girard Count Of Paris, Charibert Count Of Laon, Borogiso II Of Aquitaine and Oda Of Suevia, Ferrelous Duke of the Moselle, Clothaire The Old of Austrasia, Clodion"The Hairy" King Of France, Marcomir(King Of The East Franks my very direct ancestor through the Green Line because my Great Grand parents were Gideon Green and Mary Hariette Green(Green was her maiden name), Genebald Duke Of The east Franks( who descends from Dogabert I my direct Green ancestor),Conrad II of Swabia (which I can already trace to through one of the wives of The Green line), William Earl De Warrene and the descent of his wife Gundred De Flanders as follows Baldwin V, Baldwin IV, Frederick I Duke Of Lorraine, Conrad II of Swabia, Bernard King Of Italy, Gerard Count Of Paris it traces to again, Charlemagne it traces to again, Theodon III Duke Of Bavaria, Grasulfo Friuli, Theodebert of Agilofinges, Claffo King Of The Lombards, Gunderic King Of Burgundy, Athaulf Of The visigoths, Galla Placida who descends directly from the Imperial line of Rome through Theodosius I Great Emperor Of Rome and Galla Empress Of Rome. Galla descends from Valentinian I Emperor Of Rome and Justina Empress Of Rome.

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The administration office of the sept of green is the Vro Administration. It is now offering public services. Check out the administration's website by typing the website address below in your search engine:





Grene family descends from La Zouche

La Zouche Section:
"SISTER LINEAGE BELOW TO King Nominoe's line"

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